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domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

New year, new life (again)...

I know I have already written a text with the same title in Spanish that talked generally about how good or bad last year was for all of us and personally for me, but today I'm writing it because I have realized that I want to change my lifestyle, and I noticed it while reading an article in the British newspaper 'The Guardian' in 'Life & Style' section. I was readig about doing sport and getting fitter, when I started to feel some different things. First of all, what I felt was that I wanted to do more sports, to get fitter, more athletic. I have felt this for a long time, but today this feeling increased. And what a better oportunity than the beginning of the year to think more seriously about it? I think I will start to do more exercise as soon as possible. I already take tennis classes, but they aren't serious at all. I want to get the opportunity to play tennis more times a week or to do any other sports, such as rollerblading, even if I have to do them alone. I want to get a better body, and, if I get it, have more confidence on mysef. Appart from sports, some aspects in diary life were mentioned in this article, like, for example, mind. Mind can only be adapted to a new lifestyle by trainning, and that's what I didn't do last term. I didn't train my mind at all, I've just lived as if it continued being summer, as if I didn't have to study... And that's another of the 'new' things I want to do this year. I have to study, I MUST DO IT. I won't reach the goals I have in my life if I don't do what I have to. And for reaching the journalism degree in Santiago University I have to study, so I have to concentrate. I haven't done ANYTHING these Crhistmas holidays, and that's why today I'm feeling so guilty about what I've been doing these 2 weeks, or better expressed, of what I haven't been doing. Today, the day before school starts again, I have realized that I'm in a serious situation that I have to solve now.
Altough this piece of text might sound stupid (it does sound stupid to me haha), it has made me reconsider  what I want to do better this new year. I hope everybody can make this year better as I have planned to do with mine.

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